Edmonton Airport Guide to Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Edmonton Airport to Train Station

Unfortunately, there isn’t direct connection between Edmonton Airport and the railway network.

The nearest Train Station is Edmonton Via Rail Station, which is located 50 km away from the Airport. 

See below the following options to get safe and sound to Edmonton Via Rail Station:

By ebus and ETS bus

By Taking ebus at Edmonton Airport, you’ll be able to transfer within 24 minutes to downtown. Frequency is of twice daily. It will take you to downtown office, so from there you’ll need to transfer to other means of transport.

Once at downtown office, take a short 8-minute walk and lead to 100 Street & Jasper Avenue. From there, take either ETS bus lines no. 12, 3 or 201 to transfer till 124 Street & 118 Avenue. Trip time is of 23 minutes. Opening hours: From 08:09 am to 15:48 pm, every 30 minutes. 

At 124 Street & 118 Avenue, take a 18 minute walk to get to Edmonton Station (Via Rail). 

Total trip time is of 1h 22 minutes. 


ebus: Ride it at the gate 8 in the ground level (Arrivals level) of Edmonton Airport. 

ETS bus lines 12, 3, 201: 100 Street & Jasper Avenue bus stop


Both transport fares for a single adult ticket as it follows: 

eBus: $34.00
Bus: $3.00


By ETS Bus line 747, metro and ETS bus line 12

It is without a doubt the most affordable and slow option to transfer to Edmonton Via Rail Station. 

First you need to ride the 747 bus line at Edmonton Airport Door 8 to Century Park Station. Opening hours: From 04:10 am to 00:42 am, every 24 minutes. 

Once at Century Park Station, go down and take the metro to Kingsway RAH Transit Centre. It won’t take longer than 28 minutes. Opening hours: From 08:30 am to 21:13 pm, every 30 minutes. 

At Kingsway RAH Transit Centre, take the bus line no.12 to 127 Street & Yellowhead. It is a 12 minute ride. Opening hours: From 08:23 am to 18:18 pm, every 30 minutes. 

Finally, from 127 Street & Yellowhead, you’ll need to take a 18 minute walk until you arrive at Edmonton Via Rail Station. 

Total trip time is of 1h 50 minutes. 


Both transport fares for a single adult ticket as it follows: 

ETS bus line 747: $5.00
Metro: $3.00
ETS bus line 12: $3.00


By Taxi

On the other hand, you can take a taxi to get you to Edmonton Via Rail Station. Total trip time is of 30 minutes. 


Taxi fares can vary between $73.00 and $95.00.