Edmonton Airport Guide to Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Edmonton Airport Parking

Edmonton Airport car park offers several parking spaces, which are distributed in four parking lots distributed along the airport facilities. 

For those who may need to park their car in Edmonton Airport parking facilities, these are the zones where the parking lots are located in and the main features of every single one of them:

- Priority Valet: It is the first class curb side valet. Some additional services are offered to customers. It is located immediately outside the main terminal. 

- Executive Park: The Executive Park is located within the Easy Parkade premises. It is at 3 minutes maximum by foot to the main terminal. 

- Easy Parkade: It is the covered adjacent parking to the terminal. Offers covered parking spaces and pedestrian access to departures level. Get within 3 minutes maximum to the terminal. 

- Value Park: It is the long-term parking option. It is located at short walking ride from the airport terminal. To transfer to the main terminal, you can take the free shuttle bus which will take you to the terminal within 5 minutes.

- Disabled car parking: For those passengers who may require special needs, there are disabled parking spaces, which includes elevators and ramps straight to Departures. Plus, it is an available a shuttle bus to accommodate wheelchairs and transfer passengers to the main terminal. 

Transfer between the parking lots and the Airport Terminal

There is a free shuttle bus from the parking lots to the Airport main terminal. This service can drop off you to the airline you need to board your flight.